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Welcome to Brenda's site. Below you'll find samples of her songs. Light Country/Pop. Professionally recorded in a studio. 📀🎵😊

Reviews: Nice work! Zee Dot. This is cool. I like your voice alot! Nick Lombari. Beautiful tone that you've been blessed with in your voice. Bruce Conover Lovely timbers in that voice. Phil McWhalter Very nice song. Earth Connecter  Excellent music! Well done! Elijax Very nice voice, Brenda!! Grekon Nice song! Geestrucken Nice:) Alex Roche So nice!! Llarria Brovini Great voice... Nice laid back feel.:) Adrian Hallam Nice song, wonderful vocals TK78 You are good! Love the positivity of your music :o Thanks for sharing your music and your philosophy. Nitetripper Sweet tune, Brenda!! Sophia Deville Great lyrics Brenda / Sweet voice and melody Chet Guida Great voice you have! Low Force Halo Beautiful song, Brenda! Flo T :) Nice! Luckers Great track. I love it!!! Jerry Baker

'Pearls of Wisdom are often found in a Sea of Words'”

— Brenda Fehr

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