Brenda's Story/ Contact Brenda

Brenda Fehr is originally from Vancouver, B.C.  Now living in Burnaby, B.C. She was writing for many years before finally deciding to get into the recording studio and record a music album. She had been busy raising two boys and was just doing music in her spare time. Finally, Brenda received a recording grant and went to work.

She has had many odd jobs such as secretary, waitress, sales person, fundraiser, etc. but, music was always in her heart. Even singing under her pillow at night, quietly; before going to sleep as a child. With much encouragement from her friends and family, Brenda continued to pursue her dream.

Her debut album "Rainbows in the Rain" is dedicated to her two, now adult sons; Jesse and James who live nearby and her family.  She says "They are very often my 'rainbows in the rain'." "I am happy to dedicate this album to my family but, I wrote it for everyone as well."

This album is generally made to make you feel good! With a medium upbeat rhythm guitar tempo. There are relaxing, yet uplifting lyrics and a slight touch of rasp to Brenda's voice. The lyrics are heartfelt and down to earth. "Pearls of Wisdom, are often found in a Sea of Words"  Brenda Fehr.


"Meaningful lyrics! Nice vocals!" Marin Gale. "Superb songwriting!" Seelensack. "Awesome voice...nice song...great work!" Flo. T. "Very nice song. So hopeful to my ears!" Grekon. "I like your voice!" Geestrucken. "Well done! Fine, honest, emotional songwriting!" Hans Henning Thomas. "Great track, I love it!" Jerry Baker.