The Importance of Buying The Little Things

It seems like every day I want to buy something! My imaginary million dollar bank account, unfortunately is only that - imaginary! But, it seems like every time I need a lift in my mood, I find myself going on Amazon. With this Corona Virus going on and staying at home more it has gotten even worse

So here are some tips that help me and may help you, too. You don't need to buy a huge item to get that feeling of a little perk. You can go online and just buy a new notebook or pair of cheap costume jewelry etc;, if your budget permits. 

There is also, always the dollar store where you can buy a little pick me up, or a few small items for cheap. Usually, I find things I actually need there anyway! I recently picked up a fancy glossy rock that simply says "Believe" across the top and I have it hanging around my house. It picks me up often! ( especially when I pick IT up!) It was only $1.59 I think.

Another thing I try to do is count my blessings for what I already have. And any time we are not at war is a good time!

I hope these tips help you to not be at war with your pocket book at least! Have a nice day and come back anytime. God bless you!

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