Relaxation - Does 'Production equal morale" all the time?

Sometimes it takes getting a little lonely to get the rest you need. People don't call for a while and you might be sad but, for a while; it's a blessing if you are more tired than you realize.

It's also very good to take pride in getting things done. But, not if those things can wait and you actually need a break, 'Production equals morale' is only true to a point.

Overwork can make you really hyper too! Sometimes letting yourself relax to your favorite music, all by yourself; is just what you need. Or sometimes I like to do a bit of artwork. Even just doodling for a while to see what you can create can be very relaxing.

After just a bit of a break you may feel re energized and up to doing even more! But, time alone does not have to be a horrible, thing; it can be the gift you give yourself! Brenda Fehr

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