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Welcome to Brenda's site. If you like 70's Country, you'll probably like this! Please enjoy the free song samples below! Just press on any song to play. Light Country/Pop. Professionally recorded.       💿 P.S. ( To buy - press on the .99 to the right)  Other wise press on the left of the song to play it for free.

                 Reviews:-    Nice work! Zee Dot. This is cool. I like your voice a lot! Nick Lombari. Beautiful tone that you've been blessed with in your voice! Bruce Conover. Lovely timbers in that voice! Phil McWalter. Sweet tune, Brenda! Sophie Deville. You are good!  Love the positivity! Jemena. Nice! Luckers. Great Voice!.... Nice laid back feel. Adrian Hallam. Great lyrics, Brenda /sweet voice and melody. Chet Guida.




Here is a song I wrote called "Baby, Baby, You're So Cute". A song about a fantasy man!









This is another one called "Walk On The Right Side". It's about how good it feels to do the right things in life. Sometime it's hard but, we all do our best!









I hope you enjoyed these. See below for another video and some other free song samples; and if you have extra time to browse, you can always visit my Variety store. Just go to the top of the page.  Have a nice day. Brenda Fehr.




'Pearls of Wisdom are often found in a Sea of Words'”

— Brenda Fehr

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