My Story

Brenda Fehr is originally from Vancouver, B.C.  Now living in Burnaby, B.C. She was writing for many years before finally deciding to get into the recording studio and record a music album. She had been busy raising two boys and was just doing music in her spare time. Finally she received a recording grant and went to work.                         

 She hashad many odd jobs such as secretary, waitress, sales person , fundraiser, etc. but, music was always in her heart. Even singing under her pillow at night quietly before going to sleep as a child. With much encouragement from her friends and family, she continued to pursue her dream.

"Pearls of Wisdom can often be found in a 'Sea of Words' (Brenda Fehr).                                                               This album is generally made to make you feel good.! With a medium upbeat rhythm guitar tempo, uplifting lyrics and a touch of rasp to Brenda's voice.