My Story

Hi. This is Brenda Fehr. I am originally from Burnaby B.C. I was writing for many years before finally deciding to get into the recording studio and record an album. I had been busy raising two boys and was just doing music in my spare time. Finally I received a recording grant and went to work!                          

 I have had many odd jobs such as secretary, waitress, sales person etc. but, music was always in my heart. Even singing under my pillow at night quietly before going to sleep as a child. With much encouragement from my friends and family, I continued to pursue this dream.

"Pearls of Wisdom can often be found in a 'Sea of Words' (Brenda Fehr).  The album is generally made to make you feel good.! With a medium upbeat rhythm guitar tempo, captivating lyrics and a touch of rasp to the voice.

 I hope you enjoy the album. Feel free to contact me at email: I'm also on ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rhapsody and many other sites. Take care and have a nice day.